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8th of March 2017​

"Harmony is not a Quiet Life"



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A real pleasure being in this place with the beautiful horses and scenery.


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​​  The Heart Centre

Rydings Farm

Long Reach



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"My experience with the horses has brought years and years of self development theory alive" 

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The H.E.A.R.T (Holistic Equine Assisted Relationship Transformation) programme allows you to: 

Restore harmony & wholeness in your relationships

Meet both your own needs and the needs of others

Find your true voice and your authentic self

Understand, through horses, the art of communication, commitment and connection 

Move through fear to love. 

Regain the courage to open your heart and become whole hearted again

 ....and so much more

Whether you want to gain clarity in your communications, learn how to deal with conflict compassionately or to increase intimacy,  Wendy's can support you in your growth and healing.

​​Equine Assisted Therapy in Woking

Felt very negative and weighed down, now I feel I have things to enjoy again and strength to move forwards with my life.


"I learnt more about my control issues in my relationships in 1 hour with the lovely 'Charlie Brown' than I had in 10 years of therapy"

 Ruth C.

Relationships, what's the secret?

I cannot recommend enough,  these courses are humbling, thought provoking. You can lie to yourself, and others, but you cannot hide the truth from the horses! 


Thank you.  I arrived exhausted, emotional and chaotic. I have a great deal of change happening which I've found hard to manage and facilitate and was in denial. Three  days with Wendy and her horses have brought me confidence, calm and a refocused frame of mind. Utterly life changing. I can't recommend it enough.  


"It is an amazing programme that quite literally changed my life for the better. Great courses that are unique and powerful" 

Jenni W.  

You are always in a relationship.
There is no place you can be where you are not in a relationship: either with someone, something or even yourself.
You are even in a relationship with things like time, money, vehicles, possessions and health.
At the core of nearly all your problems with health, money, career, family and romance is a relationship disconnect or a communication challenge. At some level a separation has occurred, which has given rise to other issues.
Wendy's work is to help you to uncover and heal the source of the separation. Many of your current challenges actually originate from another source.
If you'd really like to accelerate your growth, then working with Wendy's horses will unearth: the beliefs that attract certain experiences and people to you; the blocked emotions affecting your present (lack of) peace and any outdated coping skills or behaviours. Wendy works holistically, embracing emotions, the body and spirit.

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