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"I learnt more about my control issues in my relationships in 1 hour with the lovely 'Charlie Brown' than i had in 10 years of therapy" Ruth C.

The Healing Power of Horses

The HPOH is a pioneering, exciting, fresh and unique self-discovery programme that combines working with horses and the best of personal growth tools to bring theory alive.
What the horses can offer you?

Horses have a powerful non-verbal communication system that allows you to receive instant feedback on areas like your body language, beliefs, intentions and feelings. With this knowledge you gain the power to make positive changes in any area of your life. 
With humans it is easy to put on masks, make-up and masquerade as someone you are not. With our horses you are shown how to get back to your authentic self, true feelings and be real.

How does it work?

You interact with the horses in a variety of ways and with specific exercises to help you with the issues you would like to resolve. The horse's ability to act as a mirror and metaphor reveal patterns within you that may no longer serve you now.

The horses respond to your communication and cues so helping you gain clarity. They also show you instantly the effect of changing your thoughts, feelings or intentions have on the horses which you can then transfer to your life. 

"I have been on lots of self-development courses and to be honest i was nervous of horses. It was a revelation to experience the gentle power of these amazing animals and how they helped me to overcome limited beliefs i have been struggling with for years" Elaine W.

"Wendy's gentle guidance and the unique ability of the horses allowed me to tap into my true feelings and gave me an experience to last a lifetime"


"My experience with the horses has brought years and years of self development theory alive"


Rydings Farm

Long Reach



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  • Retreats 1, 2, 3 & 5 Day 
  • The Foundation Course
  • Train to be a HEART Equine Assisted Coach or Facilitator
  • 1-2-1 Private Coaching and Mentoring with The Relationship Healer 

"It is an amazing programme that quite literally changed my life for the better. Great courses that are unique and powerful"

Jenni W.