Wendy's unusual blend of qualifications, personal experiences, compassion and humor allow her to teach, guide and inspire others to be more confident in their riding, enjoy their relationship with horses and live the lives they really want. Working with the horses brings theory alive.

With over 30 years experience, Wendy is a pioneer in the practice and teaching of the holistic approach to horse riding and Equine Assisted Therapy. In the 1990's she became one of the first teachers promoting this powerful tool in the UK.

Her personal journey in reaching this point in her career is both the reason and through the means by which she discovered this powerful approach. Her own experiences of the change it brought about in her life and riding created a life-long commitment to sharing these methods with others. 

All through this process Wendy's horses were providing her with amazing mirrors and metaphors about what was happening in her life. Through watching and understanding the power of the herd, Wendy's work received added inspiration. 

The experience provided her with an even greater understanding of the partnerships between horse and human and the parallels in their personal relationshis and lives. 

Her approach has been covered in many magazines, the national press and radio stations including Radio 4's 'All in the Mind' 

Her Majesty the Queen has a copy of her award winning book entitled

 "The HEART of Stable Relationships,12 ways the Healing Power of Horses can Transform your Life"

and is available to buy now on Amazon

About Wendy Felicity Firmin Price - B.H.S.I (T), Dip. Practical Metaphysics, M.S.E.C. BR.C.P reg, NLP Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor. Founder HEART program and Equine Assisted Therapy Practitioner and trainer

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